Life Skills Programs

At OSBI, we view disability services as more than providing a safe place for people to spend their days. Helping our participants achieve greater independence is central to our mission at One Step Beyond. Our Life Skills Programs utilize a person-centered approach to help each of our participants learn the necessary skills to manage everyday tasks and responsibilities. The Life Skills Programs are designed to foster an environment that is safe, friendly, and helpful to our members’ pursuit of their full potential.

The curriculum emphasizes support for functional academics and household management, while also providing community-based courses on public resource utilization, socialization, and community service projects. Courses include Media Production, Gardening, Math 101, American Sign Language, Women’s Group, Men’s Group, and Zoology. Interested participants can also pursue higher education courses through a partnership with Estrella Mountain Community College.

Our Program Coordinators work with all parents and guardians to help determine the best curriculum for their adult. Our programs serve individuals who are eighteen years of age or older, Monday through Friday at each of our campuses. Transportation to and from program is provided for Arizona participants.