Our Programs

Our Life Skills Programs helps participants achieve maximum independence by strengthening independent living skills, including money skills, household management skills, functional literacy, social skills, and safe community access skills.

Our Employment Programs provides training and volunteer service opportunities that build self-reliance that lead to meaningful employment or regularly scheduled volunteer work.

The Culinary Training Programs provides food-industry training that concentrates on customer service, healthy dietary planning, safety and sanitation, and food preparation with a pathway to employment in the mainstream food industry or in the One Step Beyond Cafe and Catering Business.

The Performing and Fine Arts Programs provides Music, Art, Film, Dance, and Drama to develop the potential for growth through creative expression.

The Recreation Program provides health, fitness, and equal access to community events and resources.

The Family Support Program helps family members navigate governmental and social services to access the programs and support they need to assist their young adult in their perusal of their life goals.