About Us

Who We Are

The founding of One Step Beyond, Inc in 2002 was inspired by one family’s need to provide a program for their daughter, Dylan, and many of her peers, who were searching for a post-High School program. They envisioned a program that would open doors of opportunity for their sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities to grow in skills, personal relationships, and inclusion in their community. One Step Beyond launched in 2003 with 16 participants in a small neighborhood location and has now grown to answer the needs of more than 700 individuals and their families who have intellectual disabilities in five locations.

Who We Serve

We believe our impact goes One Step Beyond the walls of our programs and services. Our focus is on service to individuals who have disabilities and their support systems. But through our approach, we support our whole community to become a more inclusive space for the people we serve, making our world a better place for all

Our Values as an Organization

Opportunity is where we see the impact of our mission. Every day we work towards creating new opportunities for our program members and staff to reach their goals and further the positive impact we have in our community.

Person-Centered Thinking ensures that the focus of our work remains focused on the people we serve. Every decision, big or small, is made with our program members’ individual dreams and goals as the highest priority. 

Inclusion is a sense of belonging, a voice that is heard, and comfort in an environment where we know we can be ourselves without judgment. We promote inclusion by creating day-to-day experiences for our program members so everyone can feel they belong and are equally involved and supported in all areas of their life.

Understanding the deep motivations of why we do what we do helps us develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with our donors, community partners, staff, program members, and families. We take time to get to know one another so we can mutually support each other to reach our goals and create more inclusive communities together. 

Our Values as Staff and Advocates

Awareness is created every day within our organization and the greater community through active communication and outreach. Through our work, we continue to help our community become aware of the talents, skills, and abilities of the people we support.

Team Work makes the Dream Work. Success at OSBI is defined by our impact, and we can only achieve success if we enable the success of others. When we value each others’ contributions and invest in each other’s growth, we can do so much more than we could have done on our own.

Diversity ensures we have a variety of representation within all parts of our organization. By valuing diversity, we value the idea that our individual differences strengthen our teams and that we celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Compassion for others is what set’s One Step Beyond apart. Whether our perspectives differ or not, each person we encounter inside and outside of OSBI should be treated with compassion to foster mutual understanding of how we can best support one another. Once we meet each other in that place of shared experience, then we can grow and work collectively towards our mission, vision, and goals. 

At a Glance