About Us

The founding of One Step Beyond, Inc in 2002 was inspired by one family’s need to provide a program for their daughter, Dylan, and many of her peers, who were searching for a post High School program. They envisioned a program that would allow their sons and daughters who had intellectual disabilities the opportunities required and desired to grow in skills, personal relationships, and inclusion in their community. One Step Beyond launched in 2003 with 16 participants in a small neighborhood location and has now grown to answer the needs of more than 450 individuals who have intellectual disability in four locations.

Our focus has been to open our arms to individuals and their families who seek our programs and continue to live up to our name by going One Step Beyond the status quo for programs that serve individuals who have intellectual disability.

Our Core Values:

  • Increasing community awareness, knowledge and respect for people who have disability
  • Optimizing access to community resources and services
  • Creating partnerships to remove barriers and open doors to full inclusion within the community
  • Changing the workplace to incorporate the strengths and abilities of people who have disability
  • Maximizing opportunities and choices to promote optimal independence and self-reliance
  • Providing progressive, dynamic, and empowering programs and services to enhance the lives of individuals who have disability