Current Donors & Supporters

We truly appreciate the tremendous support of our donors, grantors, and community partners. Without your continued support we would not be able to provide a platform for adults who have intellectual disabilities to recognize and achieve their dreams of optimal independence, enriching social networks, and effective participation in our community.

Thank you for taking the next step and making a lasting impact in the lives of our members and for generations to come.

Neil Agnew

Gerald and Diana Alchimisti

Nancy and Royal Bagley

Missy Baker

Deanna Bascelli

Monica Benevides

Jacob Bergum

Bob and Cathy Byram

Sheryl Cameron

James Carr

Mary Ann and William Collins

Doug and Linda Collins

William and Karen Corcoran

Linda Cossette

Jeffery Cricks

Phillip Cussen

Michila Dahlstrom

Norbert and Heidi Dalhof

Nancy and David Danley

Sally DeRosia

George and Kristine Donellan

Robert and Mary Doster

Marla and Hunter Dressen

Mary Duffy

Heather Espinoza

McVeigh Family

Steven and JoAnne Ferguson

Susan Flemming

David and Patricia Florence

James and Margaret Fredenberg

Patrick Fredenberg

Daniel Fredenberg

James Fuller

Donald and Heather Gala

Scott and Lisa Geyer

George Gibson

Vivie Lee and Kate Goka

Alan Sykes and Maureen Gorman

Bucky and Joan Green

Carol Hadad

John and Emily Halligan

Joseph Hartzell

Sally and Small-Fire Hawk

Maddie Heinemann

Michael and Sharon Hensley

Denise Hernandez

Rich Kelley

Susan Kitsner

Hugh and Josefina Knoell

Cindy and Jerry Kress

Robin and Dennis Kudo

Shelly Lane and James King

Barbara Leffler

Marguerite Letulla and Nathan Collins

Louise and Bob Levi

Dionne Linton

Scott and Patricia Marsters

Dean and Virginia Martin

Cheryle Matteo

Cindy and Bob McCraken

Kris and Brian McEntee

Tony and Jane Miller

Linda and Scott Monsanto

Jackie and Micheal Nachtigall

Charles Narramore

Mary Neibarger

May ann and Tom Niccoli

Mike and Linda Oesterle

Jayrene Oshaughnessy

David Bagshaw and Wendy Petersmeyer

Wes and Martha Pierce

James and Joyce Quinn

Andrea and Paul Raub

Patricia Reiman

Nadine and John Rogers

Thomas and Jill Runyon

Lana and Jason San Diego

Richard and Lori Sanders

Marilyn Seymann

Barry and Beth Shannahan

Pamela and Lonnie Siebrandt

Katie and Thom Slack

Wendi and Howard Sobelman

Hugh and Shelly Sterns

Joanna Swanson

Jeff and Melissa Swanson

Thomas Tobin

Ellen and Eric Van Stone

Steve and Mary Vincelette

Ron and Mary Lou Viterbo

Luke and Sarah Vorderer

Justin Watson

Chris and Michele Watters

James and Patricia White

Hannah and Josh Willett

Richard Wohlstadter

Ron and Maybelene Young

Maryann and James Zalinski

Kenneth and Heidi Zinn