Current Donors & Supporters

We truly appreciate the tremendous support of our donors, grantors, and community partners. Without your continued support we would not be able to provide a platform for adults who have intellectual disabilities to recognize and achieve their dreams of optimal independence, enriching social networks, and effective participation in our community.

Thank you for taking the next step and making a lasting impact in the lives of our members and for generations to come.

Abie McKinneyAbby and James Althoff

Abdu Dahr

Alan McMillen

Alvin and Claudia Guimond

Alyce Elaine Luff

Alyssa Bartle

Amber and Ken Patrix

Amy and Andrew Matagrano

Amy Ihde

Amy Nineveh Tarr

Andrea and Paul Raub

Andrea Kohler

Angela Morgan

Ann and Stanton Forman

Ann Griggs

Ann Robertson

Anne Steirman

Anne Stonebraker

Arlene and Joe Ynzunza

Ashley Archibald

Aurelie and Vincent Guerrieri

Barbara and Steve Trethewy

Barbara Lazarow

Barry Gaskill

Bart Beasley

Bernadette and Dermot Gately

Betty C Bullock

Bob & Eileen Allen

Bonni and Mike Schwartz

Brenda A Halligan

Bruce Hertzog

Bryan O’Sullivan

Candace and Ken Rogers

Candace Sharp-Grijalva

Cardinals Charities

Carla Wandelt

Carol and Stephen DeMaio

Carolyn Bergum

Carolyn Sylvia

Cathy and Gary Jantzen

Cathy French

Celia Amaro

Charge Michael

Chris and Mark Clist

Chris Judd

Beth and Chris McLachlin

Christine Cook

Christine Coopman

Cindy and Bob Duchala

Cindy Stevens

Craig and Tanya Bell

Cristina and Julian Bliss

Crystallynn Yazzie

Cynthia A. Speer

Jennifer and Dallas Street

Dan & Gail Watts

Dana and Marty Izenson

David C Danley

David Martinek

Davida Talcove

Dawn Lukes

Dean Lucente

Deanne Streich

Debbie and Bob McMaster

Debby Bolding and Tom Kilduff

Debby Lesser

Deborah Kurzrock

Dee Gibson

Deena Zacharin

Denise and Jeff Sterling

Denise and Paul Milinovich

Dennis Lippitt

Diana and Rick Vold

Dianne and Robert Arrigoni

Don and Donna Monson

Donald Bott

Donna & Bob Randall

Donna and David Hakhamian

Terri and Douglas Valenti

Drew Meissner

Ed Wegryn

Edwina Balderrama

Elaine Scruggs

Elichia Eileen Renteria

Elizabeth Lyster

Elizabeth Mester

Elizabeth Stone, Ph.D

Elizabeth Woodward

Ella Lindon

Ellie and Jim Rio

Esther Gallardo

Ethan Oliver

Eudora Ting

Eva and Juan Morales

Evelyn Sell

Farida Hayouna

Frank Agosta

Marilee and Frederick McCorriston

Gail Machin

Gary and Cathy Whitman

Gary and Diana Feldman

Gena and Craig Nuffer

Gilberto Renteria

Ginna and Dean Martin

Gina Meyer

Ginger Baron

Glen Ford

Grace Wong

Haggai Wolff

Heather and Gary Nicolosi

Heidi Zinn

Kerry and Howard E. Dallmar

Ilan Jude

Ilene Bragman

Imelda Cummins

Irene Moff

Jackie and Michael Nachtigall

James Watson and Teri Pitman

James West

Jan McEwan

Jane and Tony Miller

Jane Quarterman

Janeane Cramer

Janet and Jerry St. Mary

Janice Carter

Janis PeelJason Reed

Jean Kilian

Jeffrey and Martha Paulson

Jennifer and Francesco Fagnini

Jennifer Heinemann

Jennifer Mclntrye

Jennifer Schrader

Jerry and Sandy Kopke

Jerry Caywood

Jerry Ketelhut

Jesse and Sue Mogen

Jessica Hillard

Jill and Thomas Oliver

Jill C Peterson

Jill Couet

Jim and Christine Beard

Jim and JoAnna D’Andrea

JoAnn Woodland

Jocelyn Rollins

Jody Humber

Joe and Janene Rogers

Joe Arnold

Joe Merenda

John and Corina Parra

John and Emily Halligan

Sondra and John Hanley Jr.

Jon Stephen Petersmeyer

Joyce and Ralph Wheatly

Joyce Anderson

Judy Haenel

Julia Pang

Julie Bethke

June Bell

Justin Watson

Karen and Dale Riddle

Karen and Rob Kerns

Karen Ann McDonald

Kathleen M Paver

Kathryn and Mark Scott

Kathy Ann Blatz

Katie Beaudoin

Keren Terry

Keri Chapman

Keri Infante

Kim and Mike Rinke

Kim Moreno

Kimberly Beckwith

Kris & George Donellan

Kris and Gary McEntee

Kristin Jovic

Kristin Vehring

Kristine M Long

Kristy Leigh Montognese

Ky Griffin

Lana Beran

Lanette Reeves and Bob Kahr

Larry Mukai

Laura and Gary Aden

Lauren Mazariegos

Laurie Thomas

Leah and Jimmy Glover

Leslie and Russell Rooks

Leslie Barakat

Leslie Barron

Leslie Fried Behar

Leticia and Jesse Avena

Lidia & Justin Tsuma

Linda Abramovitz

Linda and Don Kronenbitter

Linda and Galen Waterson

Linda and Ronald Meyer

Lonnie & Pam Seibrandt

Lorellei Sullivan

Lori and Paul Srogoncik

Lori Pegg and Stephen Schmid

Luci Evanston

Luisana Alvarez

Lynda and Dennis Brophy

Lynda Powell

Lynn Guida

Miriam Gabrie-Soliman

Malyssa Dunson

Marchell Mitchell

Marcia and Robert Kritsberg

Marcy and Richard Battaglia

Margaret and Ken Kondo

Margaret Vowles

Marguerite Letulle and Nathan Collins

Maria Turenne

Marian and Ward Wolff

Marie and Clifford Miller

Marie Dunkelbarger

Marilyn Ashby

Marisa and Bryan Atsatt

Marisa Pedroso

Marissa Smith

Marjorie Andreacchi-Keagle

Mark Wolff

Marleanna Legaspi

Marlene Zuercher

Marta Hatch

Martha and Jon Pierce

Martha and Kenneth Vance

Mary Ellen Fee

Mary Hannon

Mary Lou Benneian

Maryam Zaya

Matthew Crowson

Maureen Ann Thar

Maureen Lindula

Merri Tiseth

Michael A Nissim

Michael Harrison

Michael Olds

Michelle and Warren Rogers

Michelle Bishai and Nate Juarez

Mickey Tucker

Angie and Mike Homco

Mike Smyth

Milayne Cordova

Missy Baker

Misty Fullerton

Momina Vishwa

Morgan Barnes

Morgan Marie Gowdey

Munro MurdockNancy & Guy Hupe

Nancy and Bill Rogers

Nancy and Chris Burns

Nancy and Royal Bagley

Nancy K Wellman

Nancy Lehmann

Nancy Noll

Naomi K Yamada

Nicole and Jose Amaro

Nikkayla Burke

Oscar Lopez

P. Wildi

Pam and Doug Brown

Pam Kays

Pamela Sowersby

Patricia and Charles Hall

Patrick Decourcey

Patrick and Adam Leeds-Peralta

Paul and Audrey Ribarich

Pauline Roothman

Peggy L Prevatt

Phoebe and Jim Baker

Rachel Krueger

Randy and Delphine Bromell

Ray and Carolyn Bajao

Rebecca Mungovan

Rebecca Templeton

Renee Kunz

Rhonda and Ed Jones

Rhonda Phillips

Rich and Gina Kelley

Richard and Judy Gates

Martha Crenshaw and Richard Boyd

Robert Doster

Robyn Cooper

Roger & Carol Roseberry

Rona and Steven Gundrum

Roseann Hudson

Rosemarie Cleland

Sally and Small Fire Hawk

Sandra Springer

Sara E Dean

Sara Rose Pascoe

Schwab Charitable

Scott McNutt

Scott Petersmeyer

Selina Figueroa

Shannon Lipio

Shella Ann Nolan

Shelly and Hugh Sterns

Sherree Harris

Sherri Lee Meredith

Sherri Meredith

Stacey Dobson

Stacey Moudy

Stefanie Fagerlie

Stephanie Herrick-Kays

Stephen and Lori Schmid

Stephen and Suzanne Skuba

Steve Meissner

Steven and Rebecca Durfey

Sue Volk

Summer & Jason Miller

Susan Clark

Susan Cunningham

Susan K Larson

Susan Michael

Susan Pinto

Susan Zneimer

Tammie Mitchell

Tanya and Lawrence Kotrys

Teri and Michael Bullington

Terry Hicks

Theresa Robinette

Thunderbird Charities

Marie and Tim Maki

Timothy and Beth Dombek

Tony and Kathy Aguilera

Tony Hoffman and Tracy Schwalm

Trupti and Dhimant Dave

Vickie Ann and Larry Yamaoka

Vicky Bayshore

Vincent Beckwith

Wendy and Michael Kaveney

William D. Collins

Yoko and Jay Miyagi

Young Ja So

Yvonne Kinsella

Kelly Axelson

Deanna Bascelli

Madison and Scottie Blanton

David Canepa

Denis Coleman

David Danly

Susan Fleming

Jane and Mark Fowl

Dale Goebel

Ida Harris

Stephanie and James Hayes

Carol Higgins

Karen and Scott Holmes

Lisa and Daniel Kaplan

Connie Kelley

Gina and Rich Kelly

Kathy and Ken Krall

Margaret Latulle

Andreas Marden

Linda and Mike Oesterle

Karen Cassel and Brad Prescott

Nadine and John Rogers

Carrie and Steven Rubinstein

Linda and Raul Sabori

Lori and Richard Sanders

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