Employment Programs

For information on how to Hire Inclusively and become a Community Partner, please contact Mike Homco, Executive Director of Arizona mikehomco@osbi.org.

Vocational Program

We strongly believe that individuals who have disabilities want to be active contributors within their communities and achieve their highest level of self-reliance. For that reason, we have developed several unique approaches that not only assist these individuals in fulfilling their dreams of attaining meaningful employment but ensure that employers are receiving valuable employees. Through our Pre-Vocational and Vocational Programs, participants receive the necessary training and support needed to enter the workforce.

Pre-Vocational Program

The One Step Beyond Pre-Vocational Program is designed to prepare participants for employment through volunteer opportunities modeled to simulate a real-life workplace. Our training incorporates the necessary skills needed to enter the workforce and find sustainable employment opportunities. Participants are taught how to excel in performing simple tasks, mature workplace behavior, and effective communication with colleagues and supervisors. Throughout the year, lessons are reinforced through mock situations of work environments through curriculum-based activities and volunteering sites. The curriculum is taught in a classroom environment and tracked based on mastery of skills, with the last week of each month designed to review, repeat, and work on skills that require more emphasis for skill mastery.

Community and Employment Partners