Parent & Guardian Support Services

Having a child with Intellectual Disability (I.D.) is something most parents never expect. Maneuvering one's way through government and medical agencies in search of services and support can be an overwhelming task. One Step Beyond provides many resources dedicated to aiding parents with children who have I.D. These resources include information on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Guardianship and Powers of Attorney, support services available through the Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disability (DES/DDD), Vocational Rehabilitative Services (VR), and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment Services (AHCCCS). We help parents determine the kind of services and support their young adult may need and guide them through the steps necessary to receive those services and support. We offer training in CPR, First Aid, Article 9, and habilitation services. We also connect parents to other parents of young adults with I.D. through parent meetings and social gatherings.

For more information on Parent Support Services, please contact Olivia Ynzunza, Business Services Director, at