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Barbara and Maya Engler


Saturday, November 18
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SAN MATEO, CA 94402-1124 

One Step Beyond $50,000 90 day match challenge

Monday, September 18, 2017
One Step Beyond, San Mateo

One Step Beyond California is proud to announce we have landed our first match for 2017.  Thanks to the generosity of Richard and Theresa Crocker foundation One Step Beyond has a very unique opportunity.  One Step Beyond will need to raise $50,000 in 90 days to unlock the $50,000 match.  What does this mean? Until we raise $50,000 we will not receive a penny!  This opportunity will expire in December so please be aware that this match is very time sensitive.  A total of $100,000 in donations would go a long way towards Phase 1 of our fundraising efforts.

What can I do to participate?  You, your friends ,and family can donate today!  In addition, we can supply you with materials or form emails to reach out to your network.  As of the end of October we are 70 percent towards our goal so we can use all of your support.   The clock is ticking.  Every dollar helps!

For information please contact Jon Petersmeyer via email at or by phone: 650-518-6933.


90 day challenge expires December 17, 2017.

  Friday Fun Night RSVP’s please contact: Madison Rogers