Richard and Theresa Crocker Foundation

December 2017
One Step Beyond, San Mateo

One Step Beyond California is proud to announce we have been awarded a $50,000 grant for 2017.  Thanks to the generosity of Richard and Theresa Crocker foundation One Step Beyond just completed phase one of it's fundraising goal.   We a very grateful to the Crocker family for their support.  This grant will go towards supporting 50 young adults who participate in our program next year. 

Barbara and Maya Engler

Cocktails for a cause was a huge success.  Special thanks to the Engler family.  We raised just shy of $10,000 from that event.   Thank you to all the parents, program participants, staff , and donors for coming together to put on our first official San Mateo event.  Thank you all for your generosity.  

In regards to end of the year holiday appreciation the list of people to thank from the One Step Beyond community  is too long.   We appreciate all your generosity.  Every one is asking us what's next? 

Madison, Ed, Gary, Mimi, Dr. Joe Rogers and I have started a donor committee.  We hope to have a least 3 more connected donors  join us for our first quarter meeting.     

For information please contact Jon Petersmeyer via email at or by phone: 650-518-6933.


90 day challenge expires December 17, 2017.

  Friday Fun Night RSVP’s please contact Madison Blanton